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Another one of Robert’s Lists: Ten extensions every Firefox user should have

1. All-in-One Sidebar

Created to mirror one of opera’s better features, AiOS does away with the separate download and extension windows and combines the bookmark, history, and page info into one handy little sidebar. Even cooler, the sidebar act like another toolbar, allowing you to add buttons for other sidebar-loading extensions

2. Tab Mix Plus

I listed the extension here because it offers a huge upgrade to Firefox’s default tab managing, which is one of the reasons that most people switched from “Internet Exploiter” (other than Explorer sucks, of course). This extension adds an “add tab” button to the left of the tab bar, and introduces a whole slew of other customizable options, including adding more entries to the tab context menu, another session manager, and mouse shortcuts.

3. Faviconize Tabs

This extension does nothing more than “minimize” the tab to the size of the web page’s favicon with nothing more than a double-click, or some other modifier-click function. This has to be my most invaluable addon, because if you’re like me you have upwards of ten tabs open at any given time, from email, to Lifehacker articles, my reader, and my Facebook and Roosterteeth. With this extension, I can have all of those online shopping sites and all of my friend’s Facebook pages up too!

4. DownThemAll!

One of the features that I don’t like about the basic Firefox is the lack of download… freedom, if you will. The lack of acceleration, or initiating mass downloads, or the lack of the other download managers to integrate with the save dialog always pissed me off. dTa does all that, and has an awesome arrow logo. But seriously, this is an awesome download manager.

5. Download statusbar

This puts those downloads that aren’t handled by dTa, the download statusbar puts into a nice little progress bar just above the taskbar. You can customize the color, you can scan it with the antivirus program of your choice, and you can decide to decide to use the statusbar, or put the downloads into a little icon in the bottom of the window. One of the things you have to watch out for though, is if you have the AiOS installed, you should disable having the downloads load in there, as it’s kind of annoying having your page resize every time you download something.

MR Tech Local Install

This is for more advanced users, but the thing that I like about this extension is that it gets rid of that extremely annoying three second wait that Firefox puts you through whenever you install an extension or theme. For the advanced users though, this extension lets you what happens and where your extensions and themes go when you install them.

7. Bookmarks Firefox extension

Online bookmarking is a must for any internet ninja, and does that the best out of all the ones I have tried. The extension replaces Firefox’s native bookmarking utility with one that’s synced with your account, makes the Ctrl+D hotkey add to, and imports all your existing Firefox bookmarks into It does a bunch more, but I don’t feel like typing “” any more. Anyway, I feel that this extension, coupled with the service is more complete than other companies, such as Google’s bookmarks which just show a star in the toolbar, if you install that. There’s no social functionality, which is big with the (crap! Typed it again!) guys. It’s the same with foxmarks. I think. I haven’t tried it yet, I like (curses!) so much.

8. Greasemonkey

This little extension, however funnily named, is the most powerful of them all, if you know how to use it. What Greasemonkey does exactly, is it overwrites the script on web pages with user-generated scripts, adding, or sometimes creating new functionality to a web site. For example, one of the scripts available from allows you to download videos from Apple Trailers. Another, called shiftspace, overlays another level of interaction with a web site. Pressing shift and space on the keyboard pops up a dialog box which lets you replace pictures on any site with your own, put sticky notes on a site, or highlight text on a web page. Greasemonkey lets you interact with a website in a totally new way.

9. Personas for Firefox

Personas is a new thing from Mozilla labs. This little gem lets you apply a lightweight theme, of sorts to the Firefox window. Basically, it replaces all the gray of the default Firefox window with some sort of image. It underlays everything, from the search box to the tabs. The one I have on my Firefox is the Firefox persona, which is some pastel blues with a big Firefox logo in the corner. I’m not sure about user-created personas, but they will probably let anyone with a copy of Photoshop and some coding experience have at it.

10. FEBE

The last, but not least extension is an extension backup utility called FEBE. I’m not entirely sure what that stands for, but “Backup,” “Firefox,” and “Extension” are definitely in there somewhere. What this extension does is create scheduled backups of some or all of the Firefox data, including extensions, passwords, cookies, preferences… you get the idea. If you’re a backup junkie like me (I’ve had to – I’ve reinstalled windows four times), you can set the backup time and location, making it valuable for extension writers, just in case they screw up the ‘fox somehow. Or for us normal users, just in case our computers go kaput (again).

Anyway, that’s my longest blog entry to date, I like lists, and peace out until later today, when I post my post that’s for today. This is yesterday’s post. I was too busy watching K-Ville on to do anything of value yesterday. And then of course, there was work, but there’s none today! Yay!


I’m done.


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