Much Ado About Nothing

A narrative of the life of a Amatuer Videographer. Who works at a video game store. Who is also a geek. As if that wasn’t blatantly obvious.

The week in review. or what I did the last five days.

Well, this is the first week of my foray into blogging. It’s been pretty good so far, with the occasional miss, but thanks to Jerry Seinfeld, I have the incentive and the… well, means to motivate myself. It’s called “Don’t break the chain.” In “Don’t break the chain,” you have a calendar, or a website, and you draw a big X in red marker (or click, for the site) on the days that you completed your goal. The overall objective is not to break the chain(hence the name.) I the chain thing every day that I blog, and if not, then I do two in a day. Either one to my facebook or blogger, and one to my Roosterteeth account, where I can post shorter posts, along the lines of microblogging. Actually, a more descriptive term would be “miniblogging”, since it’s not exactly a twitter post, but not a full length article. Anyway, I probably should set some guidelines for me in terms of kinds of blog posts. Say, I can twitter to my heart’s content, but that won’t do squat. I can post to my RT two or three times and that’ll count as a day, or I can come up with a article for my “official” blog, Much Ado About Nothing, and that can count for a day. I could use some feedback on this, if you please. Hmm, maybe I should post this on my facebook…

Anyway, onto the actual post.

On Monday, I resolved to commit to the blogging thing, and started things off with a post to Much Ado, about Firefox extensions. Actually I wrote that late Monday night/ Tuesday morning, after I returned from my stint at the Golden Arches.

Tuesday, I posted to my RT, and called it a day. I didn’t work, so I wasted the day schmoozing on the interwebs. I posted to RT.

Wednesday: More schmoozing, plus a little work in filling my application to bible school in Bonny England. More RT.

Thursday: Same drill as Wednesday, but at 1800 (that’s 6:00 PM to you non-military people), there was a banquet for our Civil Air Patrol Squadron. It took place at the Air Guard base, with the Group Commander being there (A group in CAP is a part of the state), Major Dave Odette and Brigadier General Ray Klosowski, ANG, Ret, also in attendance. There were some awards (I didn’t get any); and food (it being a banquet and all). The food was rather good; it being Air Force food, but it wasn’t the best I’ve had. Oh, and my pants were too tight. And yet again, I posted to RT.

Friday: Some schmooze, mostly work, and then work ad 1700 (5:00 PM). No blogging, I intend to compose a Friday post this (Saturday) evening, probably something informative. Maybe a list. This post is the Saturday post.

Saturday: Nothing of note yet, it being 2 in the morning and all, but it’s shaping up to be all right. I work at 1100, and I’m going to see one of my favorite coworkers: She shall remain nameless, due to the very real possibility that my family is reading this, or in the event some of my other coworkers are poring over this, or anyone else for that matter, her identity shall remain safe.

Anyway, to recap, Blogging’s awesome, my pants were tight on Thursday, I work with a favorite person tomorrow, and I just found out that you can post directly to Blogger with this new version of Word. Life is bliss.


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