Much Ado About Nothing

A narrative of the life of a Amatuer Videographer. Who works at a video game store. Who is also a geek. As if that wasn’t blatantly obvious.

I’m testing another offline blog editor today called “w.bloggar.” It was made by a guy named Marcelo in Brazil. It looks all right, but I don’t know if it’s worth switching from Word. Let’s see if it posts pictures, as well…

Okay, now that that worked…

Anyhoo, today is the first day of school for me, and it’s going quite well. I had my UNIX class, and even though I managed to get into a little trouble, it went all right. After the class was over, I went to the video lab, where I’ve practically lived the past year and a half at school, and SUPRISE! They redecorated it! They changed the colors from dusty pink and tan to dark red and white. It looks new! It’s the high point of my day! I don’t know why I’m using so many exclimation points!

Anyway, my online account cleared, and now I’ve started using Mint. It’s a fascinating tool. I’m looking forward to using that in the future.

Oh, and I fixed my iPod. I found a formatting utility called kill disk, and I used that on the iPod. Worked like a charm, and my iPod is now reborn.


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