Much Ado About Nothing

A narrative of the life of a Amatuer Videographer. Who works at a video game store. Who is also a geek. As if that wasn’t blatantly obvious.

Battle of the (unheard-of-often-mediocre) Bands?

So at my school today, we had a band from “The battle of the bands” show up in the cafeteria, and start to rock out. WHY? Even though LSC is a sponsor of the battle of the bands, other places like Wells Fargo do too, and you don’t see them promoting the event by parking the band in the middle of their lobby! Call me crazy, but wouldn’t you think that they might actually want to put the band on a STAGE? in an AUDITORIUM? It’s just stupid. I mean, the commons are where people go to study, not to mosh.


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