Much Ado About Nothing

A narrative of the life of a Amatuer Videographer. Who works at a video game store. Who is also a geek. As if that wasn’t blatantly obvious.

The past week – in brief (relative to war and peace)

so here I am in a hospital, vegging out waiting for a tech to come cement more electrodes to my forehead. I’m busy playing a emulated pokemon game while I’m waiting, instead of doing more important things like blogging. Or taking pictures. Or going to CAP. Dang, I hope they didn’t miss me at CAP. Andrew was finally going to start cracking down on all of the slacking in the squadron.

So at volleyball competition, we apparently had a series of crises that finally came to a head. First off, caleb wouldn’t leave Andrew alone, giving him jumper cables and everything. Second, feth had NO customs and courtesies, making Andrew even more annoyed. And third, Crystal Jarve was there, which is a whole post in and of itself. But anyway, before all this too, the seniors were badgering andrew specifically to do something on the “acroicious” position the squadron’s in. which is kind of funny, because we get no help from the seniors whatsoever. Actually, no. that’s a lie. Captian Wallace helps us, but that’s when she’s there, which is even more infrequent than her husband. And he’s gone a lot.

But anyway, the seniors have been wanting to fix the cadet program for a while now, from what I’ve heard. We can fix some of it, like the cadet discipline problem, and other little things, but the thing is that we have almost no interaction with the seniors in the regular course of the cadet meeting. It’s extremly frustrating when we try to do Physical Training, and we end up having to go to the YMCA, we have to foot the bill, we have to get there under our own power, and the seniors are sitting back at squadron building arguing who’s turn it is to fly the plane! Augh.


Anyway, the sleep study. It’s morning now, I just slept the night between this paragraph and the last. Basically, the sleep study is to determine if I have any real medical reason for falling asleep in the middle of church other than I find it boring or some such reason. So what they do is they hook you up to sensors to determine your heart rate, your breath temperature, your chest expansion when you breathe, wether your legs move or not during the night (ressless leg syndrome), and of course the standard head electrode thingys. I’ll put some pictures with this, but forgive the quality, as it’s taken with my cell phone. Anyway, they hook you up to these things, and then you go to sleep. I just woke up around six forty, where I had most of the sensors taken off, less the head ones, and was told that nothing of note happened during the night. That means that I have to wait and do the daytime tests, which I was told should take me from the early to mid afternoon.

So right now I’m sitting on the bed, waiting for breakfast and the daytime tests.

So depending on when this test ends, I think I’m going to take the bus to Mcdonalds, where I (if I’m lucky) will get to see a “favorite person.”

Just got my breadfast and found out that the test’s going to start at 0800. It’s 0728 right now.


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