Much Ado About Nothing

A narrative of the life of a Amatuer Videographer. Who works at a video game store. Who is also a geek. As if that wasn’t blatantly obvious.

The Podcast!

Well,  it’s official, all. I have a podcast. It’s called GnomeGhost live, and it’s a collaboration between myself and Chris Dornbush of the blog of the same name, GnomeGhost. Now even though it’s catorigized under comedy, we’ll be talking about serious things as well, from politics (provided by Chris and my good friend DJ Meds) to Technology (provided by myself and DJ), all tied together with liberal amounts of humor. Actually the humor level borders on gargantuan, but we don’t really care. We’ll be having fun. For more info, go to and in the search box on the top, enter the Call ID:47660.


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Why should this even be an issue?!?!

An artist, finding his music on iTunes without his consent, starts offering his latest album for free download on The Pirate Bay.

This makes me never want to buy music from  iTunes ever again. 

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The Podcast: GnomeGhost LIVE

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